Healthy teeth is the basis of a person’s smile, their appearance, and is important for function as this allows us to enjoy good food and activities. Bleeding gums, bad breath, chipped and discoloured teeth, and tooth or jaw pain are not normal and all may be indicators of unhealthy teeth and/or gums. Our new patient special package includes a full assessment of your teeth, a clean and whitening, and at this new patient experience appointment we will formulate together with you a plan to achieve your best oral health.

Regular dental assessments are recommended every 6 months. This allows your dentist to detect any small problems as early as possible as small cavities in teeth will not cause any pain and will be otherwise undetectable.

If detected early a simple filling or a very small fix can save you from needing a root canal or tooth extraction in the future. With oral health care prevention really is the best cure.

At your regularly six monthly hygiene and maintenance appointment we will perform a comprehensive assessment of your oral health and professionally clean your teeth to effectively remove plaque build-up. This process usually takes 1 hour.

Please call (02) 9280 1321 to schedule an appointment today.

As with a car which requires regular servicing, teeth and general oral health also requires regular services.

Regular 6 monthly hygiene and maintenance appointments are essential in addition to home oral hygiene such as flossing, brushing and a healthy diet which is low in carbohydrates. Our friendly staff will work with you to achieve your best oral health.

Please feel free to drop by our clinic for a demonstration of good home oral hygiene maintenance techniques.

There are many reasons for a sore tooth. This can range from sensitivity due to an acidic diet or teeth grinding to gum infections and cracked teeth or a dental cavity.

Our professional staff have available on-site all the latest technology including 3D imaging to provide the very best diagnostic care and treatment to fix your problem.

Many of our dentists have had additional training in specialised areas which allows us to offer a unique perspective for more complicated cases.

We perform on-site root canal treatment, all surgical procedures including removal of wisdom teeth, implant placement and bone grafting.

If you are experiencing tooth pain please call us to make an appointment, we are available 7 days a week.

Image going to sleep and waking up with all your dental treatment done. At Glow Dental we understand visiting the dentist can be quite challenging and that’s why we offer sleep dentistry. Sedation services ranging from oral sedation, happy gas, intravenous sedation to general anaesthetic (done at a registered hospital) are available to ensure you can enjoy and have a relaxing dental visit.

Allow our friendly staff to show you our modern, approachable and achievable approach to taking care of you and your family’s oral and dental health.

We are a family friendly practice and we love looking after little ones.

The first dental checkup is recommended at 2 years old to familiarise them with the dental environment. At this appointment we count their teeth, take them for a ride in the chair and perform a full check of their teeth. Holes in little teeth can become a big problem very quickly.

Nursing bottle caries/decay is a common problem now in modern day society with many new parents not being aware of hidden sugars in milk and other food items.

We have a range of options for scared children or children with behavioural problems including happy gas (nitrous oxide) which means your child’s experience  and yours will be relaxing and stress free.

We bulk bill (with valid private health insurance) for all preventative treatment for children (<16 years old) and your child may also qualify for the $1000 Medicare Child dental scheme which means their dental treatment will be covered up to the amount of $1000 over 2 years. Before your appointment we can check whether your child qualifies for this Medicare Scheme.

Please call us to make an appointment for your child and experience the Glow Dental difference.

Our dentists have received specialised training in their own areas of interests. This means all procedures are done on site such as root canals, wisdom teeth removal, bone grafting and implants.

Our vast experience and knowledge also places us in a unique position to do dental job screens (eg flight attendants), medical dental assessments (eg prior to radiotherapy, bisphosphonate therapy or cardiac surgery) and for patients with complicated background medical conditions.

Please call us to discuss your specific condition.

Yes, we accept all health fund payments via Health Industry Claims and Payments (HICAPS). This means we do on-the-spot claims for you and if there is a gap to pay you would only be paying the gap difference of what your health fund does not cover. We can also do on the spot quotes or checks of how much your health fund covers for any planned procedures prior to proceeding with any treatment to make your experience easier and stress free.